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  • Pastor Bruce L. Jones

    Pastor Bruce L. Jones

    Welcome and thank you for visiting Ebenezer Missionary Baptist church’s website. My wife and I, as well as the entire Ebenezer church family, greet you in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are located in the Arlington area of Jacksonville FL at 3838 Saint Isabelle Street East. The church has been here for over 100 years, serving the Arlington community. We are a family and community oriented church that loves God’s people. Our primary goals are to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to support His people by teaching the Holy scriptures.


    The entire Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church family would love for you to come and worship God and search the scriptures with us. Our services are as follows: Sunday School starts at 9:45am and morning worship service starts at 11:00am each Sunday morning.


    Visit our page regularly, which will be updated frequently. Also, if you are not able to attend, there will be a link to our “Live” Sunday messages each week. If you are not able to see the live services, you can still watch the recorded messages and hear what the Lord has spoken through us. Again, thank you for visiting our site and prayerfully we will meet you in one of our services. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family.


    Be Blessed:

    Pastor Bruce L. Jones

  • Mission

    The mission of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church is for the advancement of God’s Kingdom through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We will glorify God, edifying the saints, and minister to God’s sons and daughters. Specifically, the purpose and mission of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church is to effectively minister to all people regardless of gender, color, creed, or religious persuasion. We will minister through the Word of God and be committed to leadership in order to enhance spiritual growth victorious living.

  • Doctrine of the Church

    The Bible

    The Bible

    We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and contains one harmonious and sufficiently complete system of the doctrine. We believe in the full inspiration of the Word of God. We hold the Word of God to be the only authority in all matters and that no doctrine can be true or essential if it does not find its roots in the Word of God (Bible).

    Seeking the Father

    The Father

    We believe in God the Father, Almighty, the Author and Creator of all things. The Old Testament reveals God in divine manners by manifesting His nature and dominions. The Gospels in the New Testament gives us knowledge of God as “Father in the Godhead and Jesus himself the Son (John 15:8; 14:20). Jesus also gives God the distinction of ‘Fatherhood’ to all believers when He explains God in the light of “Your Father” or Your Father In Heaven” (Matthew 11:25).

    The Son, Jesus Christ

    The Son

    We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the second person in the Godhead of the Trinity or Triune Godhead. We believe that Jesus was and is eternal in His person and nature as the Son of God who was with God at the beginning of creation (John 1:1). We believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, name Mary, according to the scripture (Matthew 1:18), thus giving rise to our fundamental belief in the Virgin-Birth and to all the miraculous events surrounding the phenomenon (Matthew 1:18-25). We believe that Jesus Christ became that “Suffering Servant” to man: this suffering servant came seeking to redeem man from sin and to reconcile him back to God, his Father (Romans 5: 10). We believe that Jesus Christ is standing on the right hand of God as our mediator between God and men (Timothy 2:5).

  • Church Services


    Bible Study: 9:45 am – 10:30 am (Last Sunday of each month only)

    Morning Worship: 11:00am – 12:30pm

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    3838 St Isabel Dr E, Jacksonville, FL 32277
    Bible Study: Last Sunday 9:45-10:15 am
    Service: 11 am-12:30 pm